AUGUST 16RD & 17ST, 2024

Baby Judy... Where are you?


& More To Come


Figments from your past, pillars from your present, & apparitions from your future…

2 days and 2 nights of camping and dancing and laughing and catching up in the memory mill.

The music program again will be provided and curated by many of your favourite DJ & producer friends from the past 25 years. Folks you’ll remember from the hallowed rooms of the old Salvation Army building on Pandora St, the creek on the side of Boneyard Rd, the after hours with the Red Door on Yates St, the basement club on Government St, & the sands of Mussel Beach.  Plus many surprises!

This entire experience is powered by memories, both recalled, and newly created.

This year, we’re mixing some stuff up.  Let’s all cozy up and make a cute little village!  I know it was lots of fun to spread out the last couple years and stretch those long beautiful gams of yours, but we at Remember HQ thought maybe we should try all camping and hanging out together!  The site is still huge, and features many hiking and biking paths to your exploratory avail, so please bring bikes and boots to do an adventure or two! The top of the property offers some amazing vistas of the lake and surrounding area. Speaking of which… Cowichan Lake is right across the street for some afternoon dips.

There are a few rules that just make sense:

• NO fires

• NO glass bottles

• NO dogs

• NO littering

• NO aggressive attitudes

• NO being unsafe

• NO being irresponsible

• NO way Jose


We are in the lab meticulously crafting an incredible weekend of the best aural programming we can muster.

Schedule announcements coming soon!

There is technically one ‘stage’, though we will for the first time this year, have a second ‘music area’, called the ‘Horse Trailer’.

Expect ambient, balearic, downtempo, pitched-down disco & just generally chilled & oily offerings.

No need to get up to your feet if you were already sitting down.

Stay tuned for more details!

The early bird catches the worm!  Gates are open 9am to 11pm, Friday and Saturday.

We press the big red play button for the music at 12:00pm sharp on Friday afternoon.

The earlier you come up, the better your chance to snag a sweet setup spot, plus be able to brag to your friends that you heard every set, all weekend!

Well then, you’re going to make us miss you, wondering where the heck you are!

The gates of Laketown Ranch are closed at 11pm Friday and Saturday night.

If you cannot make it by 11pm, please do not try.  It becomes a nasty headache of a situation, that will make us sad.  No one likes to be sad.  It’s a party.


You know, we’re really trying to create a little community for the whole weekend, and we’re only allowed a certain amount of people throughout.  As such, we’re not offering tickets for just one day.  

Quit your job, abandon your responsibilities, and come for both days.  It’s worth it.

Unfortunately, this is a hard 100% NO.  NOPE.
This is a private, small, very limited capacity, cost-share event that has been carefully curated over the past couple of months.  We stayed up ALL night straining our tiny little brains to think of who to invite and how to get a hold of some  pretty elusive creatures to be sure.  Did you get invited but just didn’t manage to get your ticket in time for whatever reason, and now it’s sold out?  Maybe you’ll catch the next one!  Life’s tricky like that sometimes.
You’re welcome to plead your case below in the question box, but it’s going to take a whopper.  Good luck!


Do not drive from wherever you live without a hot little ticket in your hand.
You will not be admitted entry without a valid ticket.  FOR REAL.

As amazing as it the first year with all the kiddos running around all nimbly bimbly, and dancing cheek to cheek, this year, once again, we are going kidless.  There a few reasons for this, but ultimately, we just feel it enhances the experience without having to worry about your precious offspring throughout the weekend.  Get someone to sit on them babies!

We love the idea of a good renegade setup.  I mean, we’re all renegades if you think about it – we used to rather drive 6 hours down a logging road to set up next to a creek and do our own thing for three days, far away from what the obvious offerings were.  Respect.  But these satellite setups only work when there’s enough people to fuel them.  We’re chooching for max interaction at this wee wonderland weekend.  It’s going to be a small group, and the program is positively palpable.

Please DO NOT bring up your own renegade stages.  You’ll be asked to turn them off and tear them down.  Think about the MAXIMUM VIBE.

Once you find Laketown Ranch (it’s quite easy to spot), you’ll be coming in through the front entrance, past the yellow gate.  Then you’ll make your first available left turn through the parking lot and then a right onto Teleglobe Road.  Cruise all the way up the hill to the upper gate, and hang a ‘Remember’ into the upper camp and stage zone.  We’re going to have beautiful balloons and arrows  for which to ease your wayfinding woes.  Easy peasy.

Yes, and also yes.  We’re going to turn the soundsystem on and up Friday afternoon, and she should be pretty active throughout the following 48 hours.  There will be cooldown times when the music is off (or low) to hit the lake, or just have a lil rest. However, the music will be fairly persistent throughout the proceedings.

This was a hard one, trust us.  We love doggos.  We love scratching their chins, and throwing them balls, and all the belly laughs we get from the silly things they do.  However, this venue is just not the ideal environment for our funny, furry friends.  This property is home to squirrels, rabbits, deer, a large heard of Roosevelt elk, bears, and all sorts of other enticing critters.  It’s also a vast, densely forested area with plenty of established animal trails leading up into the Cowichan hills.  We’d be absolutely gutted if any of your quadraped cuties took a wrong turn and wandered off, heaven forbid.  Plus they poop everywhere.

Yep, sure did!  This land is my land, this land is your land, but more than either of us, this land belongs to wild animals, who live here the other 51 weekends of the year.  They don’t really understand that they weren’t invited to the party, and sometimes show up unannounced.  Black bears aren’t like their scary, blood thirsty cousins the Grizzly, Polar, Koala, or Care, and aren’t too much interested in humans.  In fact, they’re pretty bashful little guys who aren’t looking for trouble.  What they DO love, and ARE looking for though, is garbage.  It is VERY important that you do not leave unattended food out overnight (or overday for that matter), and DO NOT LITTER.  These cutie little bruins will find it.  We’ve asked all bears to please stay away all weekend, so let’s not send mixed messages by leaving food around for them.

Another important part of bear safety is to stick together.  Use the buddy system for late night pee trips, and if you do happen upon a Yogi, Baloo or Teddy, group tight together, raise them hands up to make yourselves look big, and make a ton of noise.  Hitting rocks or sticks together is a good idea.  No running away please.

I mean, yeah probably a few of them! Mountain lions though? … probably not. No but seriously…  Not a thing to worry about, but to be mindful of.  Vancouver Island is a wild place.  All varieties of adorable and majestic creatures live here.  Let’s respect that we’re visiting these big mittens’ region for the weekend. Don’t go wandering off alone into the woods after dark please.  Especially if you’re short. Be  buddy system, be big, and be noisy after sundown (it’s a party!).

Really?  This one seems kinda obvious, no?  Glass breaks, and most of us have soft, supple skin.  But you can still bring your favourite spirits or potations, silly – just pop ’em into a plastic container first!  If you’ve made a whoopsie and found yourself up here without first transferring your fantastically fine fluids, maybe pop on over to Lake Cowichan before jump-off to get a container or two, ensuring you aren’t roaming around the property with glass throughout the weekend.

We’re going to all set up our couple-day homes pretty close to one another this edition, and create a cute little friendly village.  If your whip is integral to your home-zone, then we’re pretty sure it’s cool to park up.  However, for those folks who have their setups independent to their ride, we’ll encourage you beauties to park just up the way from our wee neighbourhood.

How about them indeed!  They’re so handy!  If you’re lucky enough to have ’em, bring ’em up.  There is lots of room to maneuver them into place to make your setup just right.  There are, however, NO HOOKUPS available onsite.

Propane fire thingies are just fine!  The caveat is that they need to be 12″ off the ground.  So maybe bring up a few cinder blocks?

I don’t know, CAN you?  If you can, then you may!  There are heaps of biking and hiking trails on the property, and we’d encourage you to bike around and explore.  They’re also good for scootin’ around to and fro.  Bring em!  Also, bring some hiking boots.

It is literally right across the street.  If you pop into a car, you’ve got several options for a beach dip, with the closest being about a 3-5 minute drive away.  Last year, the weather tickled into the 30º mark throughout the weekend, so don’t forget your towel!  And sunscreen.  And a hat.  And sunglasses.  And funny sunglasses.

You bet there is!  Heaps of it!  Laketown Ranch is build atop a big ol’ aquifer.  There is an unlimited abundance of water for drinking, splashing, washing, misting, cooling, etc.  We’ve placed big cube containers full of potable water around the site where we thought they’d be most convenient, for your hydro-happiness.

We’ll have a BBQ or two for you to use to grill up your tasty treats, but there will be no vendors or catering this weekend.  It’s a BYOF situation, but with the added perk of being able to ‘cook what you took’.  Plan accordingly, but also remember that you can purchase foodstuffs in the charming lakeside hamlet of Lake Cowichan, a mere 5 minute drive away from site, should you need to replenish or strategically purchase your party pantry perishables.

As a matter of fact, there is ice!  It’s reasonable too!  $4 a bag.

We hope you WILL have to number two (it’s important!), and we’ve planned for just that!  There will be portable potties around the site, as well as a couple flush toilets for those looking for a little more civility and decorum.

You WILL be able to shower up here, and don’t call us Shirley!  There are several areas for hot showers onsite, available at no cost.  These will be unavailable after 10pm daily.  Please respect your neighbours and limit your shower time to 5 minutes, so that everyone can enjoy this glamping luxury.

For the second year in a row, we’re going full BYOB.  We had a bar the first year, and gosh, don’t you know it, not a lot of you used it!  Seems most of you legends just brought up your favourite potations, and sorted yourselves out just fine.  You spoke, and we listened!  Again though, if you need to re-up at any point of the proceedings, there is tons of booze in Lake Cowichan for purchase.